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Software and Tutorials developed by CVS Faculty and Labs

SPLASh (Stereotactic PLAnning Software)

Developed by Daniel Sperka and Jochen Ditterich

SplashSPLASh is an add-on tool integrated into Caret. It is designed to aid in the placement of recording chambers to optimize access to the target area. Regions that can be accessed by a particular recording chamber placement can be shown on Caret's flat map or in the structural MRI volume. In addition, the tool allows for exploring individual electrode tracks.

Sperka, D.J. & Ditterich, J, 2011 (PDF)



Modeling Receptive Fields as Linear Filters in Space and Time

Developed by Mark Goldman

Goldman TutorialThis MATLAB tutorial will show you how to build a model of the firing rate responses of a neuron in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) to a stimulus that varies over space and time. It will then show how to apply this model to understand the neural basis of a visual illusion known as “forward masking” in which a target stimulus is made to appear less visible by a previously presented “masking” stimulus. [View tutorial PDF]