Sack & Yarov-Yarovoy Lab People

Miriam Camacena

Miriam Camacena

Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Academic Interests: Neurobiology, Pain Signaling Pathways

Hobbies: Night fishing, Volunteering, Watching movies, Biking, Music

Aiyana Emigh

Aiyana Emigh

PhD Candidate, Biophysics Graduate Group
BS Microbiology and Cell & Molecular Biology, CSU Long Beach, 2013
Minors: Chemistry and Applied Mathematics
Single Subject Teaching Credential in Biology

Research Interests: I am interested in utilizing structural and dynamical modeling techniques to examine the relationship between structure and function in proteins and to design novel therapeutics.

Academic Interests: SOTL, Science Communication, Outreach, Curriculum Development and Policy Reform

Hobbies: Traveling and Exploring, Dancing, Cooking and Baking, Skiing, DnD, Movies

Geir Hareland Jr.

Geir Hareland Jr.

PhD Student, Biophysics Graduate Group
BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Oklahoma State University, 2018
Colorado Department of Public Health – Whole Genome Sequencing Scientist (workflow optimization, robotic protocol automation, real-time variant surveillance, sample repository management) 2020-2022
Soundbridge Academy – Music Production Certification 2020-2021

Research Interests: Geir is interested in designing peptide biologics using computational insights to create novel pharmaceutical treatments using applied synthetic biology, testing their viability using electrophysiology techniques.

Hobbies: Composing Music, Yoga, Exploring Nature, Running, Climbing, Diving, Philosophy, Literature, Art, Graphic Design, Symbolism, and Typography.

Brandon Harris

Brandon Harris

PhD Student, Biophysics Graduate Group
MS Biology, University of Wisconsin La Crosse (2020)
BS Physics, University of Wisconsin La Crosse (2016)
Minors: Mathematics

Research Interests: computational peptide design, molecular modeling, ion channels, ligand docking and virtual drug screening

Academic Interests: Biophysical Society Student Chapter at UC Davis, science communication for general audiences

Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, martial arts, walking puppies

Cameron Larson

Cameron Larson

PhD Student, Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Graduate Group
BS Biology, Brigham Young University-Idaho 2018

Research Interests: Protein engineering, gene circuits, metabolic engineering, crowdfunded research

Hobbies: Reading, DIY plant tissue culture, aquascape, cycling, carnivorous plants

Matthew James Marquis

Matthew James Marquis

PhD Candidate, Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Graduate Group
BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Santa Cruz 2016

Research Interests: The relationship between structure and function in proteins, electrical properties of living things, mathematical modeling.

Hobbies: Reading, camping, fishing, fencing, heavy metal, and watching boxing

Diego Lopez Mateos

Diego Lopez Mateos

PhD Student, Biophysics Graduate Group
BS Biotechnology, Technical University of Madrid, 2017
MS Biophysics, Autonomous University of Madrid, 2018

Research Interests: Structural Biology & Computational Biology: Peptide and antibody design for pain treatment.

Hobbies: Reading, videogames, hiking, piano, travelling and language and culture learning.

Phuong "T" Nguyen

Phuong T. Nguyen (aka T)

Postdoctoral Scholar
PhD Biophysics, UC Davis 2018

Research Interests: I am interested in using both computational and experimental approaches to explore and design new therapeutics towards ion channels.

Hobbies: Soccer, tennis, music, photography

Robin Stewart

Robert (Robin) Stewart

PhD Candidate, Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Graduate Group
BS Biochemistry, University of Washington 2014
Minor: Mathematics

Research Interests: I am interested in investigating the role of the family of voltage gated potassium channels of subtype 2 (Kv2) in sensory neurons. I am particularly interested in determining if these channels play a significant role in the transduction of electrical signals from nociceptors and if this role changes in different models of chronic pain.

Academic Interests: Microscopy and imaging, immunohistochemistry, electrophysiology, nociception, chronic pain and development of molecular probes

Hobbies: Music, astrophotography, travel and watching Parashar Thapa do his hobbies.



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