The conference organizers are dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. This will ensure the unhindered exchange of scientific ideas and critiques, which are critical to all science conferences. We will not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Conference participants violating this code of conduct will be expelled from the conference, and will not be invited to attend in the future.

Please, report any violation of this Code of Conduct immediately. You may report code of conduct violations during the meeting, by contacting any member of the organizing committee, or at any time during or after the event by using a secure Qualtrics form.

Upon receiving a report of code of conduct violation, the organizing committee will conduct a prompt, thorough investigation, which will include speaking with all parties with knowledge of the incident, including the reporting individual, the alleged victim (if different from the reporting individual), any witnesses and the alleged offender.